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Berryhill: Fight To Limit Taxes Continues

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Sacramento, CA — The California State legislature has recessed for 2015, any legislation that was going to move forward this year had to be passed by both houses and signed or vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown by midnight on October 11. Local State Senator Tom Berryhill notes “There were many issues—climate change, medical marijuana, and end of life choices—that dominated the news cycle.” Berryhill’s newest blog focuses on taxes that were proposed this legislative session. The senator specifically mentions eight new proposed taxes that were defeated and says “every year we fight this battle.” His full statement is in the blog “Berryhill 2015 Legislature Wrap Up” here.

In the two weeks leading up to October 11th Gov. Brown signed over 260 bills and vetoed over 60. This year 800 bills were signed and 133 were vetoed according to Gov. Brown’s office.  Any unsigned laws passed by the house and senate automatically become law. Vetoed bills require a two-thirds vote by both houses to overturn the veto.

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