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Real Estate


Top Home Security Tips You Need To Make Your Home Safer

Home security is not a one-size-fits-all enterprise, nor is it typically a one-purchase-and-you’re-done experience. more

Rates Hold Steady

Average fixed mortgage rates held largely steady for the week, Renting Is Costing Millennials, and How to Secure Your Smart Home… more

No Such Thing As Real Estate Ethics?

Regarding a book by John Maxwell: There’s No Such Thing as Business Ethics. more


5 Smart Value Strategies to Win Sellers Over

Buyers who fixate on purchase price and mortgage size often overlook opportunities to save money on both. more

Trends Cost Sellers Money

Every new and widely-adopted trend changes what’s considered “standard.” more

Sellers Have Closing Costs Also

A list of the charges are generally made to the seller. more

Home Improvement

5 Tips To Refresh Your Home For Spring Time

Refresh the inside of your home to give your interior spaces that springtime glow. more

Renovation Reality: Actual Costs Of Four Popular Redos

If you’re getting ready to do a remodel, do the research before you get too excited about it. more

What Is Real And What Is Pure PR About The Tesla Solar Roof?

While solar shingles were not a new concept, Tesla appeared to have improved upon its predecessors. more


New Construction Is Different

12 Ways Buying New Construction Is Better, Worse, And Way Different From Other Homes more

Marrying households: 7 savvy moving tips for newlyweds

Launching your pad: If you’re planning a wedding or you’ve just tied the knot… more

Room For 2: First-time Home Buying Tips For Newlyweds

Buying or selling a house is more stressful than getting divorced, going bankrupt or getting fired… more