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Real Estate


When Is A Listing Commission Earned?

Of course, different listing contracts may contain unique or unusual conditions, but, for many years in many parts of the country, listing agreements have held that a commission had been earned if a buyer was procured who made an offer … more

Understanding Adverse Possession

There is an ancient legal concept in the law known as “adverse possession.” If we go back to our history books, this is also known as “squatters rights.” The theory behind adverse possession is that a person who holds or … more

Looking for a Bargain?

Put on That Winter Jacket and Go Buy a Home Before the Spring Thaw more


Is There Really a “No Closing Cost” Mortgage?

Getting a home loan and not having to pay those pesky closing costs? more

Thinking of Carrying Back a Mortgage For Your Buyers?

Why and why not to help buyers buy and finance a home from you. more

10 Things To Give Up To Help You Save for a Down Payment

Daily habits that only cost a couple bucks may be doing more damage to your budget than you realize. more

Home Improvement

Should You Finance Your Renovation?

If you’re looking to finance your renovation, you’ve got options… more

A Guide to Home Insulation Materials

Insulation is one of those building products that you never see… more

How to Create a Great Accent Wall

Bringing color into your space doesn’t require you to splash paint up everywhere. more


Are You Cut Out for an Older Home?

Can you maintain a home that was constructed according to standards that don’t exist anymore? more

How to Avoid Disaster on Moving Day

How to protect yourself from rogue moving companies on moving day. more

How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe While You Sell Your Home

It’s an unfortunate fact that thieves often target homes on the real estate market. more