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Real Estate


Looking for a Bargain?

Put on That Winter Jacket and Go Buy a Home Before the Spring Thaw more

Winter weatherproofing

Preparing your home to stay safe and save energy. more

New and Revised California Forms are in the Works

The Standard Forms Advisory Committee releases new and revised forms twice a year. more


Why Price Shouldn’t Be the Only Driver in the Search for Your First Home

Buying your first house? You’re likely driven mainly by budget, but there are some other important considerations you may not have thought of that can help you find the perfect place. Not only can these tips help you find a … more

What Do You Own When You Own an Own-Your-Own?

The four common interest developments: planned development, cooperatives, condos and apartments. more

4 Insurance Myths and Misconceptions Dispelled

There are several myths and misconceptions that exist when it comes to insurance. more

Home Improvement

Considering a composite deck?

Experts answer homeowners’ most common questions. more

Top exterior trends to inspire your 2019 home projects

Thinking of adding a deck? How about replacing the tired, worn siding on your house? more

5 tips for an efficient and safe moving day

Moving to a new home can call for the coordination of a lot of details. more


How to Avoid Disaster on Moving Day

How to protect yourself from rogue moving companies on moving day. more

How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe While You Sell Your Home

It’s an unfortunate fact that thieves often target homes on the real estate market. more

Moving? Avoid Making These Mistakes

Packing up and moving can be stressful, costly and full of surprises. more