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How do I change the on-screen font size?

Most browsers make it easy for you to change the font size on web pages. On a PC hold down the “Control” key and the “+” key to increase the font size one setting. Continue clicking and it will continue to increase it incrementally. To decrease the font size hold down the “Control” key and the “-” key at the same time.

Site Features

What are the features on the homepage?

The myMotherLode.com homepage is a dynamic place to find out what’s happening in the Mother Lode:

  • News: breaking news from the KVML News Room, more from Associated Press
    • To report breaking news, dial #1450 on your Golden State Cellular Phone
    • Email KVML info@kvml.com
    • KVML Studio Line: (209) 536-KVML (5865)
    • KVML News Email: news@clarkebroadcasting.com
    • KVML News Line: (209) 532-6397
  • Weather: Images can be viewed larger by clicking the Satellite View or Radar View (change your browser settings to allow the pop-up window)
  • Multimedia: The myMotherLode.com Photo Gallery, Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors Meetings, Newsmakers, H. Randolph Holder’s “Something to Thing About” and Mother Lode Views. Videos we feature are posted via YouTube, view myMotherLode’s videos.
  • Events: Find all the local events in our calender, to submit an event go here.
  • Entertainment: find celebrity news, lottery, horoscopes, and games
  • Traffic: Information from Caltrans
  • Community: Dining Guide, recipes, health news and the new Destination and Recreation guides
  • Blogs: links to all our blogs that cover a range of topics from how to use the site to updates from elected officials.

To locate any article on myMotherLode.com use the Google search just below the Tabs, type in a word/s to search for and select “myMotherLode.com Results”

The following web browsers, downloadable for free, will help you get the most out of myMotherLode.com.

Web Browsers

We highly recommend upgrading to newer versions for optimal page load time. For questions regarding Internet 7 view New Button Questions and Read Mail Question

How To Make myMotherLode.com Your Home Page

Detailed explanations on how to make myMotherLode.com your home page.

A homepage can change due to SPYWARE. If your homepage keeps changing back to something which you didn’t select, your computer may have caught spyware. Typically the homepage becomes something that’s a nuisance. Also, with spyware you may get annoying popups. Don’t worry, you can fix it. It’s not a virus, so antivirus software doesn’t find it, but anti spyware software does! Ask a Tech explains.


To stream video, you will need the Flash Player.

If your question does not appear below, please send it to info@clarkebroadcasting.com.

Login to myMotherLode.com

Classifieds, the initial set up is not connected to your email or other passwords, it requires a separate account. To post ads sign up here. Beware of scams, here is an important blog.

To subscribe to our Newsletter sign up here. You can choose to receive the past 24 hours of news at 8am which lists all of since 8am the day before and/or The News at Noon: All the local news over the past 24 hours in digest form at 1pm.

What is myMotherLode.com privacy policy?

Your privacy is very important to myMotherLode.com. Read our privacy policy for details about our commitment to ensuring the privacy of you and your family.

What are myMotherLode.com terms of service?

myMotherLode.com is devoted to supporting an online and offline community in the Mother Lode. Read our terms of service to learn the rules that govern your use of myMotherLode.com.

Technical Questions

What is the recommended screen resolution?

We recommend a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher which is the default resolution for most new systems. If you are using a lesser resolution, you may need to scroll right or left in order to see the full content of the web pages.

To adjust the screen resolution on a PC:

  1. Open Display Settings by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, clicking Personalization, and then clicking Display Settings.
  2. Under Resolution, select a new resolution from the Resolutions list and then click Apply.

To adjust the screen resolution on a Mac:

  1. Open System Preferences and click Displays.
  2. Select a new resolution from the Resolutions list.

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