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Calaveras Seeks Candidates For Appointment To Chief Accounting Officer Post

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San Andreas, CA – Qualified applicants who think they might fill the bill to be appointed Calaveras County’s interim Auditor-Controller have three weeks to apply.

The job posting for the normally elected position, which pays just under $112,000 per year plus benefits, went out Wednesday.

As recently reported here, Rebecca Callen, who was reelected in 2018 to the post and who has worked for the county since 2006, resigned to take a finance position with Modesto-based SaveMart supermarket chain that began on Sept. 1. Callen cited she had been complaining awhile that her pay – more than a third less than what other counties pay in the area for similar positions – was not in keeping with her level of responsibilities. She also told Clarke Broadcasting that she was recommending that the board of supervisors appoint her assistant Kathy Gomes to finish out her four-year term.

The county’s description of the post indicates that that position would be an appointment by the board of supervisors to complete three years of a four-year term as the department head. It further details that the person chosen would, as its chief accounting officer, assume responsibility for the county’s fiscal management and auditing policies in accord with applicable laws and regulations, and do related work as required.

Minimum qualifications include that candidates be at least 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen and a registered voter in Calaveras County at the time of the appointment.

To maintain the office, there are several continuing education requirements, which are further detailed in the posting; also stated is that professional licensing certificates may be applied to satisfy the requirements. The candidate must also possess a valid state driver’s license.

Candidates must complete an online application and submit it with a resume and letter of interest. Currently, plans are that those chosen to attend an oral interview will be screened Oct. 23, after which the finalists will be interviewed at a still-to-be-determined date by the supervisors.

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