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A Third Bear Sighting In Sonora

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Sonora, CA — A bear cub apparently stepping out without his mama has been spotted in the area of Racetrack Road at East Walnut Street in Sonora.

Last week, as reported here, law enforcement and wildlife officials responded to several sightings of a mama bear and her cub in the vicinity of a mobile home park and a residential neighborhood. Apparently searching for food, the pair were spotted sifting through garbage and wandering through at least one backyard.

According to Tuolumne County Sheriff’s spokesperson Sgt. Andrea Benson, deputies searching for the mama in the area of Racetrack Road were not able to locate her. “We want to remind everyone to be alert and keep an eye out — remember distance equals safety,” she cautions. “If you encounter a bear in your yard, chances are it will move on if there is nothing for the bear to forage. If there is enough distance between you and the bear, you can encourage the bear to leave by making loud noises.”

She also advises residents, “Secure garbage cans and do not leave scraps of food outside around the home, keep an eye on your small pets, share bear sighting and warning information with your children — and make sure they know to tell you if they see a bear in the area.”