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FOAC Proposal Heading To Board Of Supervisors

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors will vote on whether to allow the non-profit Friends of the Animal Community to build a new dog/cat rescue and kennel boarding facility at 17790 Yosemite Road, near the intersection of Woodhams Carne Road.

We reported earlier that the proposed 5,000 square ft. building would support up to 40 dogs and 20 cats, along with four dog-run areas.

The Tuolumne County Planning Commission was split on the proposal at the April 3 meeting. Two members Catherine Santa Maria and Jerry Morrow made a motion to deny the project, and the other two members present, Jim Cherry and Jim Jordan declined to go along with them, and it stalled 2-2.

Three commissioners were absent from the meeting, Kara Bechtle, Wesley Brinegar, and Linda Emerson.

Cherry then motioned to postpone the vote until the next planning commission meeting, but no one else would go along with it. Jordan then motioned to send the project back to staff to work out some building design issues with the applicant, and Cherry seconded it, but it also failed 2-2.

Since there was no consensus reached among the commission, it now heads to the board of supervisors for a final decision.

Both pros and cons were voiced at the planning commission meeting. The Public Works Department has noted that the project may require a wider driveway encroachment as the existing driveway does not meet current standards. There were also public concerns about things like noise.

Many supporters of FOAC are in favor and groups like the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce sent a letter of support last week for the project.

If the project is approved by the board, the Community Development Department is recommending that a list of 68 conditions be required, covering things like erosion control, fire protection measures, and maximum noise levels.

The Board of Supervisors meeting gets underway at 9 am on Tuesday in the Board of Supervisors meeting room. The FOAC item is scheduled for 1:30 pm.


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