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McClintock Argues Reservation System Highlights Attitude Problem In Yosemite

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Washington, DC — At a federal hearing in Washington, DC, Congressman Tom McClintock was critical of the National Park Service’s implementation of a new reservation system in Yosemite National Park during the peak times of the year.

McClintock’s statements were to Charles Sams, the Director of the National Park Service, who was on hand.

McClintock stated, “I’ve got to tell you, candidly, that the gateway communities feel the current park management is entirely insulated and disinterested in their input and feedback. In fact, when I met with them (gateway corridor leaders) a few months ago, the park management was invited to attend, but instead, they blew us off.”

McClintock says the reservation system is causing confusion for potential Yosemite guests in the region and harm to businesses who serve them along the corridor.

McClintock continued, “A few years ago I took note of a sign in the conference room at Yosemite and it posed the question, ‘Is it good for the park.’ Well, I suggested then, and I repeat today, that it is precisely the wrong question. The right question is, ‘Is it good for the park’s visitors.’ I’ll tell you that my assessment is that this is an attitude problem that runs deep, deep, in the park service. If you can’t correct it (Sams), we are going to need to find somebody who can.”

The new reservation system is a pilot project. 

McClintock, a Republican, represents Yosemite National Park and the Mother Lode region.