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Newsom Proposes US Constitutional Amendment Aimed At Guns

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Sacramento, CA — California Governor Gavin Newsom is calling for a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution that would enshrine gun restrictions like universal background checks, raising the firearm purchase age to 21, and prohibiting the purchase of assault weapons.

It is Governor Newsom’s latest step into the national political conversation, after earlier criticizing conservative governors on issues like immigration and abortion. Newsom has argued that Democrats have been too passive in the country’s “culture wars.”

Newsom claims that the 28th amendment would “leave the 2nd Amendment unchanged,” and respect “America’s gun-owning tradition.”

He adds that he will work with grassroots organizations across the country to push for the change.

The Republican leader of the Assembly, James Gallagher, is criticizing the idea, stating, “Newsom’s proposal is a poorly thought out, attention-seeking stunt from a governor desperate to distract from his ever-growing record of failure. If Newsom is this disinterested in leading California, he should let the Lieutenant Governor take over so he’ll be free to chase the national spotlight full-time.”

Democrats are voicing support for the amendment. California Democratic Senator Aisha Wahob says, ” Governor Gavin Newsom has the backbone to actually do something about the gun fetish culture around weapons of war, and tackle the relentless problem of gun violence and mass shootings.”

A new amendment has not been added to the Constitution since 1992. A steep task, it would take 33 additional states to call for a Constitutional Convention. It would then take ¾ of the states to vote in favor for it to pass.