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Pooch Winnie Recovering From Successful Surgery

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Jamestown, CA – Wandering Winnie the dog that was found with a broken leg and needing surgery is recuperating in her new forever home.

Winnie recovering after having leg surgery
TCAC photo

As reported here in mid-October, Winnie was found on the streets, all alone and limping, by Tuolumne County Animal Control officers. Noticing that her right back leg must be hurting as she was not putting any weight on it, the officers took her to a veterinarian’s office. An x-ray showed that the leg was so badly injured that it would need to be amputated to save her life. The shelter reached out to the public for donations to help pay for the costly surgery, and they responded generously.

Winnie recovering with new owner after having leg surgery
TCAC photo

These pictures show that Winnie’s leg is still bandaged, but she is getting plenty of support from another four-legged friend and her new owner. Shelter officials shared, “Winnie is living her best life as a tripod couch potato and has a dachshund best friend! A huge thank you to everyone who donated.”

  • Winnie recovering after having leg surgery