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New Emergency Zones Carved Out In Calaveras County

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Calaveras County, CA – If an emergency, like the Electra Fire, forces evacuations, Calaveras County has a new tool to show what evacuations are taking place and afterward get residents back into their homes smoothly.

The county has implemented a New Evacuation Management Plan called “Zonehaven.” It works by breaking the entire county into numbered zones that correspond with a special map.

“A resident need only to know their Zone identification number to know if they need to evacuate and when it is safe to repopulate,” detailed county office of emergency services officials. They added, “During an emergency, the Zone number will be provided along with clear evacuation instructions.”

Residents are able to find their zone by entering their address into the interactive search bar. This will open a pop-up window that will include the zone name, information about the zone, and its emergency services. County OES encourages residents to identify the names of all the zones they frequent–such as home, work, school, or homes of loved ones–and keep them in an easily visible place. To locate your Zone, click here.

For day one details about the Electra Fire go here, day two is here and day three is here. Containment was almost reached on July 16 as reported here.