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McClintock’s Caucus Resignation Announcement

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Washington D.C. — Congressman Tom McClintock today announced his resignation from the House Freedom Caucus. His full letter to Congressman Jim Jordan, the caucus chairman, is posted here.

The Caucus was formed in January. Congressman McClintock says it was to “provide responsible and effective leadership to advance conservative principles in the House of Representatives.”

The stated mission statement of the House Freedom Caucus is: to give a voice to countless Americans who feel that Washington does not represent them. We support open, accountable and limited government, the Constitution and the rule of law, and policies that promote the liberty, safety and prosperity of all Americans.

The HFC’s founding members are Reps. Scott Garrett (NJ), Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), John Fleming (Ra- LA), Matt Salmon (R- AZ), Justin Amash, (R-Mich.), Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho), Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) and Mark Meadows (R-N.C.).

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