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Agriculture Needs Water

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Sacramento, CA — Water used by agriculture is a sensitive subject as California struggles through the drought. District 14 Senator Tom Berryhill has strong words in his new blog subtitled “Agriculture becoming the whipping boy for CA’s water woes.”

Senator Berryhill says he agrees with Governor Jerry Brown about water restrictions. Berryhill says that agriculture has “already done more than its fair share” to conserve water. Gov. Brown’s was KVML “Newsmaker of the Day” on Friday April 3rd where you can find the summary of his executive order for mandatory water restrictions.

More recently, in relation to California farms with senior water rights, Gov. Brown said “Some people have a right to more water than others. That’s historic. That’s built into the legal framework of California,” he said. “If things continue at this level, that’s probably going to be examined, but as it is, we do live with a somewhat archaic water law situation.” More of Gov. Brown’s statements were featured last Wednesday here.

Read Senator Tom Berryhill’s full comments in his blog Agriculture and CA’s Water Woes here.

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