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Attorney General Seeks Information Regarding Ad Fraud

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Sacramento, CA — The Attorney General’s Office is requesting information from people that may have been defrauded by Roger D. Byl, of Madera County, or Byl’s business entities and associates.

The Attorney General’s Office has received dozens of complaints from victims throughout the state who say they were defrauded by Byl and his businesses.

According to information provided to the Attorney General, Byl approached real estate agents, brokers, and lenders in the state with promises to place advertising for them in various publications.

In each case, Byl asks for pre-payment of all the advertising. Victims have complained that none of the promised advertising was ever delivered.

Anyone who has placed advertising with Roger Byl, his wife Tammy Byl, or his companies R.T. Publishing or Palladium is asked to contact the Attorney General´s office at 916-324-7850.

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