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Ballot Measure To Stop Vaccination Law Fails To Qualify

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Sacramento, CA — Proponents pushing a ballot measure to stop a new California law designed to crack down on false medical exemptions for school vaccinations failed to garner enough signatures.

A new law taking effect on January 1st, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, will allow state public health officials to investigate doctors who sign more than five medical exemptions in a year, and schools with vaccination rates below 95-percent.

The group pushing the ballot measure to repeal the law, the Freedom Angels Foundation, did not submit the needed 600,000 signatures to put a repeal on the ballot. The group released a statement arguing that an introductory statement written against the ballot measure was “grossly misleading” and would make it very difficult to educate voters about the nature of the law.

If the ballot measure would have qualified, the state would have had to postpone implementing the new law on January 1st.