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Wildland Fires Continue To Expand In Yosemite National Park

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Yosemite, Ca — Two wildland fires continue to burn in Yosemite National Park that were started during a lightning storm late last month, and park officials will continue to allow the fires to burn out naturally.

The Jack Fire, located two miles north of Wawona, is currently 300 acres in size. While the Devil Fire, located north of Yosemite Valley, is 180 acres.

According to Yosemite officials, when the fires started on October 29th, fire managers considered many factors before deciding to place the fires under a wildland fire use management strategy. Some of these considerations were location of the fires, time of season, available resources, potential smoke impacts, and projected fire behavior and growth.

Decades of fire suppression, long term drought, and other factors have created heavy fuel loads in some park areas, including the area north of Wawona where the Jack Fire is located. Using fire as an ecological restoration tool, as well as to create defensible space around fire prone communities, can reduce the chance of future catastrophic fires like those seen in many parts of California this year.

Air quality is being monitored by Yosemite officials, and they say that there is no reason for tourists to stay away from the park.

Written by BJ Hansen