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Jamestown Man Faces Theft Charges Following Incident At Sonora Retail Store

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Sonora, Ca — According to the Sonora Police Department, 21-year-old Thomas Slate of Jamestown entered a dressing room at the Sonora Mervyn´s store Wednesday night, and exited several minutes after with none of the numerous items he originally walked in with.

The Police Department says that Slate´s hands were covered with green dye, indicating that he had removed security devices from the clothing. Slate was stopped outside the store, and it was discovered that he had concealed the clothing down the front of his pants and in his pockets.

Slate was already on probation for burglary, and has had a prior theft conviction. He was transported to Tuolumne County Jail. Slate now faces a felony charge because of the prior conviction.

Written by BJ Hansen