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Emory Arrested On Drug Charges

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Sonora, CA — 36 year old Andrew William Emory of the 18500 block of Olav Rd. in Sonora was arrested Saturday afternoon for possession of methamphetamine and possession of a meth smoking pipe.

According to the Sheriff Department´s report, Emory walked uninvited into a private residence. He proceeded to pull a baggie of what appeared to be meth out of his pocket. After contacting the Sheriff´s Department the resident was able to persuade Emory to leave.

Emory than started pounding on doors of other homes in the neighborhood. When a deputy arrived he discovered Emory walking in the middle of Sallander Drive in Sonora. The deputy noticed a knife hooked to Emory´s pants pocket and elected to detain him.

On his person was found a small baggie of meth and a meth smoking pipe was found where he had been throwing things out of his pockets when the deputy arrived.

Emory was booked into the County Jail with a bail amount of $10,000.

Written by Bill Johnson

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