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“Clear-Cutting” Protesters Plan Rally Along Ebbett’s Pass

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Arnold, Ca — While yesterday was the inaugural Ebbett´s Pass Scenic Celebration, today you will also notice activity along the stretch of road, only this time it will be in the form of protesters.

A group that that has formed what they call the “Save the Sierra” campaign will be protesting across the state today at different locations. Locally, a rally will be held along the side of Ebbetts Pass.

Organizer Susannah Hook-Rodgers says the issue the group is raising awareness about is clear-cutting by the timber industry. “We are asking them (Sierra Pacific Industries) to start doing more responsible logging, which is the Forrest Stewardship Council certification logging, which is what a number of the other large logging companies now do,” notes Hook-Rodgers.

Travelers along Ebbett´s Pass may notice protesters along the road beginning at noon. Hook-Rodgers says 85 residents from across the area came out to a kick-off meeting held Wednesday night at the Ebbett´s Pass Fire Station, and says a similar number could be on hand today.

Written by BJ Hansen


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