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Pulido Readies For C.H.P. Academy Graduation

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West Sacramento, CA — Come the first week of October, Faustino Pulido of Jamestown will graduate from the California Highway Patrol Academy.

When the Jamestown resident started the Academy in April he was 26 years old … he may feel like 50 when he graduates due to the rigorous and highly militaristic training that cadets endure during the 26 week program.

The father of a newborn son in May says the most difficult part of the program is the early morning physical training. In addition cadets go through endless hours of classroom activity, high speed driving techniques, self defense courses, community policing and the proper and appropriate use of weapons.

The 1999 Sonora High School graduate adds that continued support from family and friends is absolutely critical if a cadet is to be successful during his/her stay at the Academy.

Cadets are quartered at the Academy during the training period. Free time is scheduled for Wednesday evenings and weekends.

Cadets are paid approximately $4,000 per month during their stay in West Sacramento. The state cost for putting one cadet through the entire Academy program is approximately $100,000.

Written by Bill Johnson