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U.S. Forest Service To Focus On Illegal Marijuana Grows

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Vallejo, CA — According to Special Agent in charge of the Pacific Southwest Region of the U.S. Forest Service (Region #5) Ron Pugh, by next spring the number of law enforcement officers will be more than doubled the current number.

Pugh says 75 officers are currently involved in dealing with the increasing number of marijuana grows throughout the state. Next spring a minimum of 160 officers will be involved.

Pugh adds that eliminating the grows and prosecuting the three Mexican families, who law enforcement agencies believe are responsible for the California marijuana gardens, has become the top priority of the U.S. Forest Service.

The U.S.F.S. tried out its new pot-fighting efforts recently during a series of raids in the state´s largest forest, the two million acre Shasta-Trinity National Forest in northern California.

Pugh adds that in addition to the three uniformed officers and a patrol captain now in place, two special agents and one law enforcement officer will be added to the Stanislaus National Forest staff.

Written Bill Johnson