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Traffic Accidents Are A Common Occurrence In Sonora This Week

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Sonora, Ca — The Sonora Police Department has noticed a spike in traffic accidents in the past 48 hours.

Lt. Mark Stinson says there have been a total of 11 within the City limits of Sonora, and notes that this number is more than what normally occurs in any given month.

“Three were injury accidents where people were transported by ambulance to the hospital,” says Stinson. “Two others were hit and run type accidents.”

Officers have determined that the cause of the majority of these accidents was either people traveling at unsafe speeds or following too closely.

Stinson commented on whether the “back to school” traffic was part of the cause. “Actually, school has really had nothing to do with any of these,” says Stinson. “It is just the heavy traffic volume we have in the City of Sonora, people not paying attention, and taking their eyes off the roadway at the inopportune time and getting involved in a rear-end collision.”

The Police Department asks residents to slow down, and maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. It is also smart to limit distractions in a vehicle. This includes using a cell phone, having pets on laps and turning around to talk with passengers.

Written by BJ Hansen