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Calaveras Looks To Revise Tire Dump Fee

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San Andreas, CA — Residents in Calaveras County could soon be able to dump their tires for free. Well, two at a time, that is.

To prevent stockpiling of tires for free amnesty days, the county is proposing to allow residents to dump up to two tires per visit for free. Staff says tire stockpiles are a health hazard and an eye sore.

In addition to this change, the county would raise its tire fee (for each additional tire after the two free) to help cover the cost of handling and disposal.

Last year the county collected 15,000 tires, 6,000 of which were on amnesty days.

The Board of Supervisors will consider these changes at 9 a.m. Tuesday at the county Government Center in San Andreas.

Also, scheduled for the Tuesday meeting is consideration of the Wallace Lake Estates subdivision. However, a recent note from the Planning Department indicates the item will be continued to September 25 to allow for an independent review of water data.

Written by Vanessa Turner.