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Yield To Emergency Vehicles Or Else!

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Jamestown, CA — $380 and one point on your driving record; that is what it will cost you if you are cited for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Just recently the Sonora area Highway Patrol office in Jamestown has received word from fire agencies and ambulance services that a number of motorists are failing to yield the right of way. Some have even passed a fire engine responding to an emergency.

Officer Tom Wills states that is an extremely serious offense as minutes can literally make the difference in a “life or death” case.

Many motorists may not be aware of a new first-of-the-year traffic law for dealing with emergency vehicles on a multi-lane roadway. All vehicles must move to the left hand lane so as to give sufficient clearance (or a cushion) to emergency vehicles of Highway Patrolman who are stopped on the right hand side of the roadway dealing with an incident.

Written by Bill Johnson