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Excellent Turnout For C.H.P. Recruitment Informational Meeting

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Jamestown, CA — C.H.P. Officer Tom Wills labeled Wednesday night´s turnout for a recruitment information meeting as “absolutely outstanding.”

Approximately 25 potential candidates attended the meeting to receive a background on the testing process.

Wills adds that 80 percent of those who initially apply are washed out due to less than acceptable backgound checks or failure to pass the test. Regarding the former, Wills says that many are disqualified due to prior drug offenses. He labels it a “sign of the times.”

As far as the C.H.P. Academy in West Sacramento is concerned, Wills says the toughtest part is its militaristic style and the physical training endured during the 27 week program. During their training cadets are paid approximately $4,000 a month. $100,000 is the total cost to the state of recruiting and training one C.H.P. cadet.

Wills says the “high octane” recruitment program will continue to June 30, 2008 so as to complete the current fiscal year.

Written by Bill Johnson