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Mele Implements New Vision For Sheriff’s Department

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Sonora, Ca — A new Mission, Value and Vision Statement for the Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Department has been implemented by Sheriff Jim Mele.

The document was created by a committee consisting of numerous members of the Sheriff´s Department staff.

“With this document we are not only accentuating our current values, but setting an altogether new course,” says Mele. “We are putting significant emphasis on professionalism and pride, emphasizing personal commitment and service excellence, and demanding the promotion of positive partnerships with the community we serve.”

Mission Statement:

The Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Office is committed to keeping peace and order while protecting lives and property. We promote positive partnerships with the public we serve, our employees, and other agencies. We demonstrate professionalism and leadership through our actions. We remain courageous in the face of danger or adversity. We are supportive and loyal to our shared community and to each other. We are proud of our Office.

Value Statement:

These values represent our highest priorities as members of the Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Office. We commit to hiring, promoting, and recognizing those individuals whose outlook and actions encompass these values. Leadership that inspires trust, confidence, and teamwork, willingness to accept and adapt to change, honor, integrity and accountability, open communication, spirit of professionalism and cooperation, continuous personal self evaluation, development and improvement.

Vision Statement:

While we preserve the foundation of our cultural and historic past, our continued success depends on a shared vision of tomorrow. The Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Office is a dynamic and proactive organization devoted to service excellence. We value the diversity of input from our communities, each employee and each volunteer. We demand of ourselves cooperation and respect between divisions, units and individual members. Through a process of continuous improvement and adaptation, we will achieve a successful future enhanced by technology, education and training.

Written by BJ Hansen