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Calaveras County Seeing Increased Gang Activity

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San Andreas, Ca — A crackdown on gang activity in the central valley has been having an effect on the Mother Lode.

“We´re in a difficult situation,” says Calaveras County Sheriff´s Capt. Jim Macedo. “The central valley is now putting so much pressure on some of the drug cartels, and some of the more notorious gangs, that they are being squeezed out like a bubble. “

Macedo says many are starting to take residence in the outlying areas such as Calaveras County. He says most community members would be surprised to learn how many gang members have moved into the County. One particular area that has had recent problems is Valley Springs.

The Sheriff Department´s funding is stretched thin, which makes it difficult to fight this growing problem. “We´d like to get after them before they get established,” says Macedo. This has been our goal at the Sheriff´s Office, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult.”

Written by BJ Hansen