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Cogdill Says Water Supply Is A Concern With New Population Growth Estimates

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Sacramento, Ca — State Senator Dave Cogdill feels that new population growth estimates released by the California Department of Finance indicate that the state needs to take a closer look at water supply.

“We have just learned that California´s population is due to pass the 40 million mark by 2012, the 50 million mark by 2032, and to close in on 60 million by 2050,” says Cogdill. “Those are going to be some thirsty Californians unless we start addressing our future water needs today.”

“The last time the State built a sizable reservoir was 1979, when there were only 23 million people living in our state,” adds Cogdill. “Local water storage projects are a move in the right direction, but the only way we can address the needs of all future Californians is by increasing the amount of water available statewide.”

According the Department of Finance, the majority of this anticipated growth will take place in Southern California – the counties of Los Angeles and Riverside are expected to add nearly 3.5 million and 3.2 million people respectively by 2050.

Senator Cogdill represents the counties of Tuolumne, Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, San Joaquin, Stanislaus.

Written by BJ Hansen