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Saddleback Hills Roadblock

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San Andreas, CA — That proposed 130 home Saddleback Hills subdivision in San Andreas ran into a stumbling block Thursday.

According to the Stockton Record neither the country or the project developers believe they have the right to secure the public right of way for the road the developer must build to connect Calaveritas Rd. with Hwy 49.

The property owners are Robert and Debbie Newlon and they have retained the services of an attorney to block any effort on the part of the county and the developer to claim a right of public access.

Saddleback Hills engineer and surveyor Roger Pitto reached an agreement with the county that eminent domain would allow the county to take control of the land, but Community Development Agency Director Stepahnie Moreno says she will not recommend approval of the project if eminent domain is utilized because the Board of Supervisors must o.k. such a deal and historically the Board has opposed taking such action.

Written by Bill Johnson