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Recovery Process Slows For Bryce Milnik

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Stanford Medical Center, CA — Here is the latest from Erin Milnik regarding her son who underwent a heart transplantation procedure several weeks ago.

February 18, 2007 at 10:26 PM PST;

Today for Bryce was pretty uneventful which is a good thing. He has needed the last couple of days to rest and regain some strength following Friday night. His heart rate has risen very high (about 185 beats/minute), which is a little disconcerting considering they have given him medication in an attempt to slow it down so that it is not working so hard. However, given his swelling and everything that has happened to him over the last couple of weeks, the nurse said it is expected to be pretty high which is a contributor to the fact that his heart is not relaxing as it should because it doesn´t have much time to when it is racing so fast. They are hoping to start the peritoneal dialysis tomorrow (Monday), so please be praying that this time all goes well with the procedure, and that it allows his heart to rest and heal, since it will hopefully relieve the tension from his kidneys not functioning well.

Severe bleeding resulted from the first effort to initiate dialysis Friday. According to a family member, immediate transfusions were needed to save Bryce´s life.

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Written by Bill Johnson