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New Approach In Columbia Geothermal Drilling

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Columbia, CA — The company conducting the geothermal tests at Columbia College´s future Natural Resources Building has been forced to take a new approach.

According to Columbia Marketing and Public Relations Director Doug Lau, the drilling contractorhit a void” while drilling at about the 200 ft. level. The determination was to stop, and move the site to a location 100 ft. away. The company plans to re-start the drilling process later this week.

If the new area also proves unsatisfactory, Lau says the building will still be constructed at the location. However, it would likely not be heated and cooled through geothermal methods.

Lau says he has no way of knowing whatvoid” the engineer hit while drilling at the 200 foot level. Many are starting to speculate. Some wonder if it could even be an old gold mine.

Written by BJ Hansen