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Sonora Police And C.H.P. Strike Greenley Rd. Violators

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Sonora, CA — Sonora, CA — If you´re a morning traveler on Greenley Rd. near Sonora Elementary be aware; police and C.H.P. units are in the area because of a continuing traffic problem.

According to S.P.D. Police Chief Mace McIntosh, many morning commuters are utilizing one of the two left hand turn lanes as a through lane. That is a direct violation of the vehicle code section which states that it is illegal to drive over two hundred feet in a two way left turn lane. In other words, either make the left hand turn or position your vehicle in a “through” lane.

Seven citations were issued this morning between 7:45 and 8:15. Both the S.P.D. and the C.H.P. will continue their respective strike forces for the next couple of weeks.

Written by Bill Johnson