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Local Representatives Introduce Water Bond

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Sacramento, CA — Senators Dave Cogdill, Dave Cox and Assemblymember Tom Berryhill, along with some colleagues, have introduced a measure that proposes a series of improvements to California´s water system.

Senate Bill 59, the Reliable Water Supply Bond Act of 2008, would authorize the sale of $3.95 billion in bonds for increased surface water storage, improving the Delta, encouraging efficienct water use and environmental restoration programs.

Cogdill says water experts are telling lawmakers that forecasted changes in hydrology could mean decreased snowpacks. Coupled with the fact that the sate´s current water system can´t handle heavy rainflow, this spells a disaster, he says.

Additionaly, the Senator says the system can´t guarantee a sufficient water supply for the state´s current growth rate of 600,000 people per year.

Cogdill represents Tuolumne County, Cox represents Calaveras and Berryhill represents both counties.

Written by Vanessa Turner.