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Plans For Oak Park Subdivision Date Back Many Years

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Sonora, CA — Now that the proposed 58 unit Oak Park Subdivision has passed through the Sonora Planning Commission, the next step is to go before the City Council for approval.

Developer Bob Hix, of the Fresno area Hix Land Company, says despite the fact that this would be a new subdivision, it is something that has been discussed for quite some time. He says the project itself was approved back in 1990, similar to what it looks like today. It was approved as a tentative map, but the developers eventually opted not to do it. Hix says,The tentative map expired, so when it came on the market again we purchased it.”

One of the additions to the new plan is the including of 12 single family affordable lots. Hix notes,It´s pretty common now days to add affordable housing to subdivisions, even though it is not required by the City of Sonora. There´s obviously a market for it, and that´s what you look at.”

If approved by the Council, the subdivision would be located just north of downtown Sonora. It calls for 46 single family residential lots to go along with the 12 single family affordable lots. If everything goes as planned, Hix says he hopes the company will be able to break ground by later this year.

Written by BJ Hansen