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Details On Missing Person Search

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Jamestown, Ca — The Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Department says 56 year old Kathy Lee Barchus was found at the Miners Motel, which is nearby the Sonora Country Inn where she was reported missing early this morning.

Lieutenant Dan Bressler says the Department received a phone call at 9:10am from a proprietor at the motel who claimed to spot the woman who suffers from Alzheimer´s.

Bressler says,He described the lady to us, and it ended up being the missing lady. We sent a deputy to pick her up, and took her back to the Sonora Country Inn.”

As for a cause of the disappearance, Bressler says,She apparently just got disoriented.” He notes that the case is closed, and the department will not be doing any further investigation as she is now safely back with her husband.

Written by BJ Hansen