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Sonora High Trustees, New Advisory Committee To Convene

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Sonora, CA – Seven community members have been appointed to reconsider the Sonora Union High School District-owned historic Dome building and adjacent property as potential sale assets.

District officials have set the first meeting of the 7-11 advisory committee for next Tuesday, beginning at 3 p.m. The board of trustees’ regular meeting is scheduled to follow with a closed session at 5:30 before opening to the public at 6 p.m.

According to the meeting documents, Superintendent Dr. Mark Miller will lead off the advisory session by introducing the committee members Mark Alberto, Larry Beil, Donna Berry, Peter Ghiorso, Sheri Hoffman, Chuck La Kamp, and Chris Nugier. At this and every juncture of the meeting, time is slated for public and committee comments.

As reported here, Miller said he spent a good deal of time these last few months to interest members of the public who represented a good cross-section of interests. Ideally, he described a “wish list” that might hopefully include a neighbor, a parent of a student and or teacher; a business community member, perhaps a real estate professional with local market knowledge; and someone from city or county government, maybe with expertise in building codes and zoning restrictions.

The group will be provided with an explanation of how the Brown Act works. As an advisory committee created by a governing board, it will be a “legislative body” required to maintain compliance with it at all times.

During their session, the committee members will take a tour of the district’s alternative education campus that is located next to the Dome, as it is quite probable that the committee will be considering whether the property could or should also be declared as surplus in order for the Dome to be saleable.

The last 7-11 committee that formed to consider the future of the Dome was not charged to look at the possibility of declaring both parcels surplus, which became problematic in attracting buyers or renters for the historic building as does not provide enough parking space on its own.
Following the tour, the group will participate in a discussion of the parcels and scheduling of subsequent meetings.

Both the 7-11 session and trustees’ meetings will be held in the first-floor conference room (100 School Street).