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It’s Official; Bass Captures District One Supervisorial Position

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Sonora, CA — The General Election was held exactly one month ago today but it was not until Wednesday afternoon that Tuolumne County District One Supervisor Liz Bass knew for certain that she was good for another term.

When all was said and done with the recount, Bass still had a 198 vote lead over Randy Selesia. Bass finished with 2,609 to Selesia´s 2,411. Selesia terminated his recount effort when 89 percent of the votes had been counted.

Bass commented, “I never stopped being the incumbent. Had I been a challenger or somebody new to the post I would have been in a difficult position but there were ongoing matters I had to take care of.”

Bass added, “It´s a relief to have that behind me. It was a tough campaign. I didn´t prevail at the Primary so to pick it up from there and turn it around I feel good about that. So, yeah, it´s just onward.”

Because the certified vote was not overturned Selesia is responsible for paying the county $814.82.

Effective January 1 the Tuolumne County Board will consist of Bass, Second District Supervisor Paolo Maffei, Third District Supervisor Teri Murrison, the only newcomer in Fourth District Supervisor John Gray (replacing Mark Thornton) and Fifth District Supervisor Dick Pland.

Written by Bill Johnson