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Calaveras Man Helps With Arrest Of Robbery Suspect

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Burson, Ca — 24-year-old Mike Nicholson III was arrested for attempting to rob a private residence in the 5800 block of De Los Angeles Rd. in Burson earlier this week.

The Calaveras County Sheriff´s Department says that Nicholson knocked on a front door late at night, and was holding a 10? knife. Nicholson told the man who answered, William Six, to give him the keys to his truck, and said ?I´m robbing you.?

Six responded by saying, ?No you´re not,? and shut the door. Fearing for his safety, Six retrieved a firearm and confronted Nicholson at the bottom of his driveway. Nicholson was held at gunpoint until a deputy arrived to take him off to jail.

Nicholson was booked on charges of attempted robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats and public intoxication. He is being held in Calaveras County Jail on $55,000 bail.

Written by BJ Hansen