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Sonora City Manager Hiring Efforts Moving Forward

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Sonora, CA – City Council members have slated second interviews this week in their search for a new City Manager.

Last Friday was former City Manager Tim Miller’s last day on the job after announcing his retirement Sept. 3.

According to former Mayor and Councilmember Connie Williams, several candidates have been interviewed. This Friday she and her colleagues will in a closed session be meeting again with at least one candidate.

Asked how soon a hiring announcement might be made, she says the council is focusing on making steady progress. “We are not going to hurry the process. This is a very important decision that the council is making,” she notes.

Allowing that she and her colleagues are impressed with the caliber of the applicants, of which four of the five were described as from the local area, she adds brightly, “We have great department heads and they are fine without a City Manager in place for the time being.”