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Secure Rural School Funding Set For Tuolumne County

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne County Deputy Administrator Daniel Richardson presented the breakdown today to the Board of Supervisors for the $2,383,706 the county will receive through the passage of the Secure Rural School and Community Self Determination Act.

$1,013,075 will go to schools with a like amount allocated to roads. That total constitutes 85 percent of the total amount.

10.7 percent, or $254,556, will go to the Resource Advisory Committee.

The remaining 4.3 percent, or $103,000, will be allocated to three county projects. $65,000 will go to the Search and Rescure Unit of the Sheriff´s Office, $28,000 to SWIFT, Southwest Interface Team and the final $10,000 goes to Fire Prevention.

Written by Bill Johnson