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Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility Goes Self-Serve

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San Andreas, CA — Calaveras County residents are now able to sort their own recyclables into different areas and bins at the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility.

According to Lesli Daniel, Recycling Manager for Calaveras County Public Works, the change is significant toward a goal of greater efficiency. In recent years recycling has increased 13 percent due to the effort put forth by the county, residents and businesses working together. However the 13 percent figure is far short of the state mandated 50 percent.

Daniel adds that, “We expect the new self-servie approach will increase recycling. I think that the public will appreciate the opportunity to recycle. If you put it in the bin yourself, there´s a sense that you did something right and you know it got recycled because you put it in the recybling bin yourself.”

Autos, pickups and small trailers can use the transfer station at Rock Creek where signs will clearly indicate what bin accepts what materials. There are separate bins for scrap metal, mixed recyclables (such as containers and paper) and trash. There will also be areas designated in the building for cardboard, tires, applicances, electronics and household toxics.

From Randy Frey, Rock Creek Foreman, “Our staff is here to help people with the transition. We´re not trying to make it harder, just increase efficiency and recycling.”

Written by Bill Johson