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Alcohol And Drugs Examined In Tuolumne County Profile Series

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Sonora, Ca — In part eight of our series on the Tuolumne County Profile, we will focus on alcohol and drugs.

Why is this important?

Substance abuse and addiction is a nationwide problem. Research shows that addiction is a chronic psychological and physiological condition that can positively respond to treatment. Substance use can begin in adolescents or earlier. Many young people who begin using substances early have a much harder time as adults. Some will develop an addiction that can significantly impact their lives, their family and the community.

What is the measure?

We measure the number of clients in treatment and their drug of choice to obtain important information about the use of drugs in our community. We also use the annual state survey reporting alcohol and drug abuse by students in selected grades.

How are we doing?

The number of residents seen for alcohol and drug outpatient services remained approximately the same for the last three years.

Over the last decade the reported drug of choice in people seeking treatment changed from alcohol to methamphetamines. One reason for this trend is the increased focus on working with people seeking treatment who have broken the law due to drugs.

Survey results show that 11th grade students report about the same rate of use of most specific substances as the state. We have a higher rate of students who report using alcohol and other illegal drugs than the state average.

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Written by BJ Hansen