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Bullfrogs Get New Coach, More Players

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Angels Camp, CA – Scrambling to recover from the sudden departure of its head coach, Bret Harte High’s varsity football team will debut a beefed-up roster Friday.

Head Coach Casey Kester resigned on Tuesday in the midst of his fifth season.

Athletic Director Catherine Stelling acknowledges while she and he were experiencing some disagreements, she maintains Coach Kester’s decision to announce he was leaving his post was his own.

“Kester was not forced to resign. That was the choice he made after we talked about the issue,” she states. “I know that he and I have differing options on the discussion but leaving was ultimately his decision.”

Stelling says the plan to finish out the season is to move forward with interim coach Kelly Osborn in the slot, pointing out that Osborn had been with the football program for several years before he assumed the head coaching position on Tuesday. “Right now, Coach Osborn is getting to know his coaches and players and familiarizing himself with the program in place,” she reports.

As reported here, there were concerns within the league that the Bullfrogs might have a challenging season with its roster in the mid to high teens, which often requires members to play both sides “ironman” style, and leaves the team more vulnerable in the wake of injuries and other attrition factors that affect the active roster numbers.

Stelling affirms the 1-2 team has been successful in adding members and that there are 21 players on the roster for Friday’s home game against 2-1 Arroyo High School.