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Mixed Response To News Of Calaveras Jail Funding

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Sacramento, Ca — Instead of the $30 million that was requested, the State Correctional Standards Authority is recommending that Calaveras County receive $10 million for the construction of a new jail facility.

The funding will come from prison construction and rehabilitation legislation approved last year under Assembly Bill 900.

Sheriff Dennis Downum was in Sacramento for the announcement today, and said that the state board will wait until its September meeting to approve the recommendations.

“There are three agencies ahead of us, and all three have to go through some site inspections to make sure they are offering to the state what they say they are in regards to re-entry facilities,” says Downum. “Indications are that there is a significant chance that at least one of those counties will drop out of the process because they won´t be able to deliver on the re-entry site.”

If that would happen, Downum says Calaveras County would likely receive the full funding it has requested. The three counties set to receive $30 million include Kings, Madera and Yolo.

Downum says he will be meeting with the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors, County Administrator and others within the next week to come up with a plan on what to do in a worst case scenario, receiving just $10 million.

Written by BJ Hansen


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