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McClintock Pressures House Democrats About Impeachment Threat

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Sonora, CA — Republican Congressman Tom McClintock was vocal during a House Judiciary Committee hearing designed to set ground rules for a committee inquiry related to impeaching President Donald Trump.

Democratic Committee Leader Jerry Nadler called the vote a “necessary next step” in the investigation over “abuse of power.”

Congressman McClintock countered that today is the first time ever that the committee has done an impeachment proceeding before being authorized to do so by a vote of the entire House of Representatives. Many Republicans argued that today’s hearing was merely political grandstanding.

McClintock stated, “If the majority wants to exercise the House’s power of impeachment, all you have to do is ask the House to do so…it’s that simple. I dare you to do it. In fact, I double-dog dare you to do it. Have the House vote on those 18 words, and then go at it. Why won’t you do that? It is because you want to give the illusion of impeachment without the reality of it.  You’re duping that portion of your base that is clamoring for impeachment into thinking that you are, when you aren’t.”

The House Judiciary Committee approved the parameters for its impeachment inquiry on a party-line vote, with Democrats in favor and Republicans opposed.