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Schools Watch Student Population Numbers Closely

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Sonora, CA — Sonora High School has roughly 100 less students this school year as compared to a year ago.

Since each California school receives an estimated $6,000 a year per student, the decline means there is less money for the school to retain staff and continue various programs.

“It hurts because we have to do the same that we have always done, with less,” says SHS Principal Todd Deardon. “That’s difficult to do.”

This year’s student population at Sonora High School is 1,230, compared to 1,330 last year.

Summerville High School’s enrollment is 640 this year, and is “up a few” kids from last year, according to Principal Dave Urquhart.

Urquhart says a separate challenge that is facing California schools this year is the flu bug that is going around. Schools are only paid if a student is in class, and not if they are home sick. It translates to around $40 a day that the school loses every time a student is absent.

Meanwhile, Bret Harte High School’s student population is also up slightly this school year at 797 students, compared to around 790 last year.


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