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Barrett Pleads Guilty To Evasion Charge

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Sonora, CA — Peter Loren Barrett pleaded guilty in Superior Court today to violating Vehicle Code 2800.3, evading a peace officer while causing great bodily injury.

It was Sonora Police Officer Jeff Aitken who crashed his cruiser on Old Bald Mountain Rd. while pursuing Barrett at speeds that reached 80 mph in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 16.

From District Attorney Donald Segerstrom, "The potential punishment for that violation is three, five or seven years in state prison. We had made a representation to Mr. Barrett that if he pleaded guilty we would seek no more than the mid term in state prison which is five years. The court indicated he would receive no more than three years in state prison but that was contingent upon a review of the probation report and a victim impact statement from the injured police officer Jeff Aitken. If the court feels on reviewing those documents and listening to the victim impact statement that a three year sentence would not be in the interest of justice the court would then give Mr. Barrett at least the opportunity to withdraw his plea and go back to trial. He would also have the opportunity to accept whatever sentence the court imposed."

Barrett is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday, August 19 at 1pm in Department Four of Superior Court before the Honorable Eleanor Provost.