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S.C.C. Warden To Retire

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Jamestown, CA — 51 year old Ivan Clay will be stepping down as the warden of the 4,100 inmate Sierra Conservation Center Friday, August 14.

Why the retirement? "It’s been a good career (28 years) … a great career. My first loyalty is to the institution and the staff as far as corrections is concerned but my first loyalty is to my family and if it’s taking money out of my family’s plate (three furlough days per month) than I’m not being fair to my own family."

"One of the greatest challenges was dealing with integrated housing, a program that was pioneered at Sierra Conservation Center. Without question the fiscal challenge associated with this job is a big challenge and likely will be after I’m gone. We in corrections are feeling the brunt of that. I’m watching every day how difficult it is for my employees in this present economy. People have a hard time, nobody likes it, nobody is immune from it and it’s not easy to watch as professional people have a difficult time meeting so many responsibilities."

During his tenure with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Clay has held postions at Mule Creek State Prison, Duall Vocational Institute (DVI) in Tracy and the Northern California Women’s Facility in Stockton.

As for the future, "I’d really like to coach baseball. I been offered several such jobs in the past and turned them down because of work but now I’ll take a look any any opportunity. I think I have a lot to offer athletes on the high school level."