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Applegate Decries State Legislators Lack Of Action

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Sonora, CA — City Administrator Greg Applegate continues to be frustrated … frustrated with the state’s inablility to keep its financial house in order.

When asked if he knew of any definitive cuts that would be coming down the pike from Sacramento Applegate commented, "We don’t know and I think that’s the frustrating part of all of this. They’re still haggling over the budget. Those budget meetings could go on and on and on and once you think something might come forward then it’s pulled off the burner and replaced with something else. Until the Governor actually signs that budget we don’t really know what those impacts will be."

"The frustration permeats the entire state. It’s a broken process that the state refuses to fix. In the meantime local government seems to be the whipping child."

Applegate added, "You don’t turn your woes on other government entities. You take care of your own problems. I know that may sound like a novel idea but that’s what cities and counties have been doing for years. We have deficits or surpluses and we deal with it locally through our elected official process."