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Supervisors Approve Two Timber Resolutions

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Sonora, CA — During the morning session Tuolumne County supervisors approved the first two of the four sections of a timber oriented resolution on today’s agenda.

Section One dealt with supporting federal legislation to manage the national forests in California to reduce the threat of wild land fire and produce sufficient raw materials for sawmills and biomass electric generation plants and state legislation to increase the length of timber harvest plans in response to economic conditions.

The supervisors voted 3-1-1 to approve the first section with Liz Bass the lone dissenter. Paolo Maffei abstained. Bass was outspoken in her criticism of the “politically oriented” worded section.

By a 4-1 vote the superviors approved Section Two considered participating in El Dorado and Plumas County Board of Supervisors and community coalition to work with Senator Dianne Feinstein and state officials to address critical fire danger in California forests, current economic conditions in Tuolumne County and impacts of the pending closure of the Sonora Sierra Pacific Industries mill.

Again Liz Bass was the lone dissenter.

This afternoon the supervisors will deal with Sections Three and Four of the resolution. 


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