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Rule Captures 2009 Top Hand Award

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Sonora, CA — Golden State General Manager Dan Rule has captured the Top Hand award.

"Golden State Cellular has been a valuable partner and Dan, and his staff at Golden State Cellular, have been great partners in providing significant sponsorship to the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse’s annual Mother’s Day Rodeo and Parade." –Al O’Brien

"The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse would like to honor and thank Dan Rule and the staff of Golden State Cellular with the 2009 Mother Lode Round-up Top Hand Buckle." –Sheriff’s Posse

"Golden State Cellular and its partners are Mother Lode pioneers. In 1895 we started providing the first traditional telephone service on a barbed wire fence. In 1989 Golden State Cellular installed the community’s first cellular tower. For the first time, this new cellular technology allowed people to call for help from their cars. In addition, mobile phones spurred economic growth by allowing local realtors and the business leaders to untether themselves from their desks.

Golden State Cellular began operating from a store front in the Timberhills Shopping Center. As with most new businesses, it was necessary to keep operating costs at a minimum. Thus, the office of the General Manager, Dan Rule, was also the restroom since it was the only room with power. One day, while sitting on his brand new white chair at his filing cabinet desk using his cellular telephone, the other party asked, "What is that noise?" Dan quickly responded, "Road noise." Actually, it was the bathroom exhaust fan.

Golden State Cellular has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1989 to its current staff of forty-five local residents and nationwide coverage. The credit for this outstanding service and customer care goes to the talented and gifted employees.

Quantum leaps in cellular technology have been made since the early days of voice calls. Today, Golden State Cellular customer can surf the internet, listen to music on our phones, take and send pictures; and let’s not leave out TEXTING!

Thousands of you have entrusted us with your wireless needs and desires and we sincerely appreciate it." –Golden State General Manager Dan Rule

Rule is pictured with Dan Durnall of the Sheriff’s Posse.